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Lyrics for the String Heaven series can be found by clicking on the relevant cover image below. String heaven 3 album has lyrics printed within.

  String Heaven 4, Joy To The World - Kings Chamber Orchestra

Audio CD - Christmas 2012

£10 (inc. UK/Europe p&p)

String Heaven 3, In The Secret Place - Kings Chamber Orchestra

Audio CD - Nov 2010

£10 (inc. UK/Europe p&p)

String Heaven 2, Lost in Love - Kings Chamber Orchestra

Audio CD - Nov 2008

£10 (inc. UK/Europe p&p)

String Heaven - Kings Chamber Orchestra

Audio CD - 2007

£10 (inc. UK/Europe p&p)

Romance - Kings Chamber Orchestra

Audio CD - 2005

£10 (inc. UK/Europe p&p)

Landscapes - Kings Chamber Orchestra

Audio CD - 2001

£10 (inc. UK/Europe p&p)

Island Home - Kings Chamber Orchestra

Audio CD - 2006

£10 (inc. UK/Europe p&p)

Despite all our hours of practise as individuals, and as an orchestra, the re-occurring question we are asked after every concert is: "What was that last piece, and have you recorded it?" - the last piece having been an improvisation (sometimes a bit of fun and often a sort of musical prayer). This fact, although highly amusing in one sense, is a testimony to the effect of spontaneous and "live" music making. A gift from us directly to each audience.

Unfortunately spontaneous improvisations are very difficult to record - the emphasis in recording today being clinically clean, immaculate and highly edited work - however we thought the audience's interest sufficient a carrot to persuade us to have a go! Our CDs represent therefore a handful of improvisations with as near as possible live performances of some of our favourite string repertoire. A minimum of editing has taken place, even to the extent that musicality and feeling were stronger priorities than perfection of sound or intonation.

Our 2007 CD, "String Heaven" is an entire album of such improvisations as is the forthcoming second CD in the same series. "String Heaven" has provoked tremendous response and touched people the world over.